Tuesday, 25 November 2008

My Focus Film Trailers!

Batman Forever


Batman Begins


Batman The Dark Knight


Imdb bloggers are soo dam rude!

Hello nice people!

i made n imdb account and as you see i asked my question in a nice way.
i even explain it would help better my knowledge suggesting this is not for sodding homework.

And this is the abuse i got back.

=[ xoxoxox


by smurphy-54 22 hours ago (Mon Nov 24 2008 03:44:43)

Hello fellow bloggers. im in 6th form and ive decided to create an account to help better my knowledge of my chosen subject . For film studies im looking at how batman's character has always been portrayed in a vaious amount of ways, and im asking why is it that he still has auidiences craving for his dark and msyterious character. Why is it that we still crave the batman? if any one would like to write there oppinions it would be a huge help =]. x

Re: Batman!

by V-Kruger 22 hours ago (Mon Nov 24 2008 03:51:09)
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seriously I'd change your ID. Wait a few weeks and then ask again, but leave out the fact that it's for an essay

Re: Batman!

by different-drummer 21 hours ago (Mon Nov 24 2008 04:51:57)
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And start out by offering some opinions of your own, to get the discussion going. you do have opinions, don't you?

Re: Batman!

by killedBill08 19 hours ago (Mon Nov 24 2008 05:59:35)
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do you think that just because people like us go onto this message board because we're sad, lonely people who are unsociable and retired pensioner's that we have all the time in the world to help you and your school work?

Monday, 17 November 2008

For this subject my chosen question is ...

Why does the dark and mysterious character of batman, still appeal to audiences today ?